Sunday, November 29, 2009


Competition season is finally here!!
we have our first competition in just TWO WEEKS!
we have been working really hard. We are really excited for everyone to see how much
the west jordan drill team has changed over the last few years!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drill Team 2009-2010

Dayna Adams: Coach
Jocelynn Peck: Assistant Coach

Alyssa Turley: Head captain
Katie Purdy: Head captain
Brandy Forsyth: Co. captain
Carolina Merniez: Co. captain
Lindsay Webb: Co. captain
Sharelle Parker: Co. captain
Steffanie Bartel:Co. captain

Anastasia Barton
Hailey Cagle
Ashly Campbell
Alex Haacke
Sany Sanchez
Shay Bateman
Daisha Grey
Danielle Lives
Elysia Trujillo
Jurnee Tatton
Maria Marques
Salena Davis